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Wash Care Instructions
Hang to Dry: hang it on a clothes hanger or garment drying rack. Drip Dry: hang it in the shower and let it dry. Dry Flat: spread your garment out on a flat surface. It will dry faster if you place a folded towel under it so it's not in direct contact with the surface. Dry in the Shade: don't expose your garment to direct sunlight while drying. Find a shadyspot for it to slowly dry Do Not Dry: Don't machine dry. This symbol is usually accompanied by an alternate way to dry the garment. Do Not Wring: Don't squeeze excess water out of garment. Instead, lay flat or hang to dry.
Set your washer dial to the temperature on the garment label. Laundry specifying a cold-water wash may shrink or color may bleed if it's washed in warm or hot.

These symbols tell you how vigorously a garment can be washed. Use the Normal cycle for most hard wearing laundry like jeans, cotton, shirts and towels, Permanent Press is for stain or wrinkle-resistant fabrics. The gentle cycle is for items like lingerie, machine-washable sweaters, and other delicate fabrics.

Keep these garments away from the washing machine. Hand washables can be washed in the sink, usually in cold water and with a gentle detergent. You may be able to dry clean non-washable clothes. Always check the instructions on the tag.

Some fabrics don't respond well to bleach. These symbols tell you if you can add it and what kind you can use. Clorox® Oxi Magic™ is chlorine bleach free.

Don't throw your brand new blouse in the dryer without first checking to see if it can tolerate dryer heat. Select a temperature according to the garment label.

Dryers can damage delicate fabrics, so be sure to select the correct cycle. Normal is OK for most everyday items. Permanent press is for stain and wrinkle resistant fabrics. You'll find a Delicate/Gentle label on more fragile fabrics that often also require low heat.

Don't put garments with this symbol in the dryer!

You'll find these symbols on clothes that can't go in the dryer.

You'll find these symbols on clothes that can't go in the dryer.
Follow ironing instructions closely. Check to see if the setting should be at Low, Medium or High.
Most irons have a steam setting. If the tag says no steam, turn this feature off. Ironing a garment that says Do Not Iron could be disastrous
Dry Clean

The two most important dry cleaning symbols for you to know are Dry Clean Only and Do Not Dry Clean.

Don't try washing garments that say Dry Clean only as you risk ruining them. Do Not Dry Clean means the fabric won't respond well to the chemicals used in dry cleaning and you're better off tossing it in the washer.

Most dry cleaning care symbols pertain only to dry cleaners. They convey specific care instructions that have to do with the type of solvent that works best on the fabric, the length of the cleaning cycle, moisture level, and the fabric's heat and steam tolerance.

*Dry Clean, Petroleum Solvent Only
**Dry Clean, Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene
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